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Residential Spring Repair

Torsion and Extension Spring Replacement

A broken spring can cause your door to not work as expected

Garage door springs are crucial components of your door system. A worn or broken spring is a sign that it's time for a replacement. Don't attempt repairs on your own - it can be dangerous. Let our expert technicians help you choose the right spring system for your needs and install it safely. Get your garage door operating again with our reliable and friendly service. Our trucks are always stocked with replacement springs and parts.

Stretched Garage Door Spring

Protect Your Home With Knowledge

Learning The Systems

We care about your family's safety, security, and peace of mind knowing you are getting professionals that can guide you in the best direction for your garage door and its operation. We will inform you below about the two systems and why we use them. Each spring system has pros and cons, but ultimately the technician will decide which is best for your situation.

Extension Spring System

The standard spring system

The garage door extension springs are responsible for balancing the garage door's weight, making the door easier to operate. These springs may have a shorter lifespan, but they can be adjusted and should be replaced in pairs. Proper maintenance and safety cables are necessary to avoid accidents.

extension spring

Torsion spring system

A safe & reliable upgrade

Garage door torsion springs are another common type of spring mechanism used in garage doors. Unlike extension springs, torsion springs work by twisting or coiling to generate torque, which aids in lifting the garage door. They are mounted above the door, parallel to the opening, and secured to a shaft.

torsion spring

Signs of a Broken Garage Door Spring: Is Your Door at Risk?

Garage Door Opener Won't Fully Raise Door

Keep in mind that the springs in a garage door bear most of its weight, relieving the strain on the opener's mechanics. Current models of openers are programmed to detect any uneven distribution of weight and will trigger safety protocols to limit the door's opening to six inches above the floor. This ensures that the opener remains protected from harm caused by faulty springs or sudden door closures.

Door opens crooked

In the event of an extension spring breaking, there is a possibility that the door may open unevenly due to the unbroken side carrying all the tension. This may cause harm to the door and create an unsafe environment. It is highly recommended to take appropriate safety measures on the opener to avoid putting unnecessary strain on the mechanism.

Loud snap or banging noise comes from garage

As a homeowner, you would likely never want to visually experience a spring break in your garage, and we hope that this is always the case. Such an occurrence can be dangerous and cause harm if the system is not installed correctly. In the event that the spring breaks while the door is down, it is advisable not to attempt to operate the door. Instead, promptly contact GDM for assistance in repairing your door.

Door is extremely noisy

As you use your garage door over time, the springs may wear out and cause more stress than necessary. This can compromise the safety of your door. Be mindful of any unusual noises like popping, creaking, groaning, or squealing, as these may indicate that your springs are failing. It's important to have a trained professional assess your garage door to identify the root cause, as these symptoms could also be caused by other issues.

Springs look rusty or stretched out

If you observe that your garage door springs are stretched out or showing signs of rust, it is advisable to seek assistance from a local garage door professional to replace them. Continuing to use your door with stretched-out springs is not recommended, as it may pose a safety risk. Remember to prioritize the maintenance of your garage door for optimal functionality.

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